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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

P&P Chapter 8 Central Service Policies and Resources, 2nd Ed.

Author(s): AHRMM


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Should the Central Service department (also referred to as “Central Sterile” and “Central Supply”) report to Supply Chain or not? This question continues to be debated. Although much of the distribution role has been moved to other Supply Chain sections, Central Service is still a production department and theoretically more aligned to a support department than a clinical one. It is best practice for every Supply Chain professional to maintain a level of expertise in the function. If Central Service does not report to Supply Chain now, it may in the future; therefore, Central Service is included in this manual.

These policies are written at a high level. For instance, they do not go into the detail as to how to culture a biological indicator; however, they do explain when a biological indicator is needed and what to do if one deemed positive. These policies are a good place to start for the Supply Chain professional who is unfamiliar with the function.

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