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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

P&P Chapter 6 Linen Services Policies and Resources, 2nd Ed.

Author(s): AHRMM


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Although most health care organizations outsource linen/laundry services to a supplier that specializes in commercial laundering, the Supply Chain function usually oversees these operations. This sectionincludes policies for those aspects of commercial laundry use and distribution of linen over which Supply Chain typically has responsibility or influence.

We have chosen to present an alternative policy for managing scrub clothes, as there is a significant cost savings available to those organizations that are able and willing to implement a “home laundering” program. The policy provides the basic guidelines necessary to implement and manage reduction of hospital-provided scrubs. The practice has been successfully implemented by a number of organizations with no measurable negative effect on infection prevention. The implementation of the policy will require a high level of cooperation between Supply Chain, Administration and Clinical departments. 

The linen conservation policy presented in this manual should be used as a starting point to reduce the amount of linen being used by the organization. Those Supply Chain departments willing to take on this initiative have the opportunity to generate significant cost savings, although it is important to note that implementation will require the support of multiple organization departments.

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